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Acrylic Prosthetics


    An universally applicable wax for denture prosthetics, featuring high adhesive strength. For fixing acrylic teeth and attaching the rim to the framework.

    Technical Details:

    Art. Nr. 6100501

    Delivery form:

    Cone 48 g


    81°C (175°F)

  • S-U-WAX-BITE-RIMS for full and partial dentures

    Wax bite rims in half-eliptical and parabolic form for the maxilla and mandibula, as well as in sticks for partial dentures. Available in various hardness.


    Mounting wax to facilitate the setting of teeth in partial as well as full dentures. Very hard and inflexible when cold as well as in the mouth.

    Technical Details:

    Art. Nr. 61010016

    Delivery form:

    Box of 100 g

  • S-U-WAX-IN-PLATES pink, summer hard, 150 x 75 x 1,5 mm

    A modelling wax for denture prosthetics and orthodontia. This wax in plates sets rapidly and features minimal thermal contraction.

    Technical Details:

    Delivery form:

    Box of 500 g