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  • S-U-ISOFIX, seals off wax against plaster

    Seals off wax against plaster. Also suitable for die plastics, metals and other porous materials. Burns without leaving any residues.

  • S-U-ISOSOFT, seals off wax agains plaster or die-spacer

    Seals off wax against plaster or die-spacer. Alcohol-free, also suitable for die plastics and metals. Burns without leaving any residues.


    Purest retention beads, a very reliable retention system, which is easy to apply. To be used for the acrylic, veneering and model casting technique.

  • S-U-FIX-O-FILL, glueing-resin for rapid glueing and blocking-out

    Glueing-resin for rapid glueing and blocking-out. Base material and accelerator spray for extremely quick hardening. Burns without leaving any residues.