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Model Creation

  • S-U-DOUBLI-GEL-S, high-precision duplicating material for Co-Cr-casting procedures

    Duplicating material for Co-Cr-casting procedures. Suitable for all current model casting investments and phosphate-bound precious metal investments.

    Technical Details:

    Art. Nr. 80040014

    Delivery form:

    6 kg bucket

    Melting temperature:


    Processing temperature:

    50°C – 55°C

    Solidification temperature:

    approx. 43°C

    Gelatinizing time:

    approx. 45 min.

  • S-U-DUPLIHARD, cold-dipping hardener for model creation.

    Liquid cold-dipping hardener, alcohol-based. Providing hard surfaces and solid edges, without affecting the fine contours.

    Technical Details:

    Art. Nr. 80047018

    Delivery form: 1000 ml bottle

  • S-U-FITPAINT die-spacer and thinner

    Quick-drying die-spacers to retain space for a cement cleft between crown and die, as well as for sealing of the plaster surface or of blocking-out wax.


    Inviscid rapid glue, providing a fast connection of acrylics, metal and plaster. Especially marked preparation lines remain visible.