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Dental manufacturing from idea to production

Corporate development

In 1956, master dental technician Jakob Schuler founded his dental laboratory in Ulm (Southern Germany) and shortly after this, he began to realise his ideas regarding product development. After a series of tests in his own loboratories the new products were manufactured in ordert to make them available also to other dental technicians.
The founder of the business, Jakob Schuler, contributed with his inventions and patents to rationalising dental techniques and to speed up their development. 

An enormous economic upswing resulted from building production facilities for dental devices, waxes and materials for the company SCHULER-DENTAL.  
Consequently, an effective distribution network was established. The construction of a new building in Ulm created space for all company sectors: the dental laboratory, sales and production department including product development.

In 1980 SCHULER-DENTAL purchased a company for electrical plants and dental devices with headquarters in Wiesbaden, trading it six years later under the name EMODENT GmbH & Co. KG and moving it to SCHULER-DENTAL in Ulm. There, dental devices were manufactured exclusively for SCHULER-DENTAL. Because of another expansion, a new building for production and stock holding facilities was purchased. 

Since 1993 a separate export department is dealing with eastern European countries, in which SCHULER-DENTAL is not only market leader in the dental sector, but also synonymous for competence and trust. 

In 2010 SCHULER-DENTAL has moved into a new building at Ulm’s industrial area, which is especially suited and set for optimised manufacturing processes. There it is possible to combine the sections which were previously scattered throughout several buildings at one place. By this, short routes and optimal work processes have become possible, which has proven to be not only economically beneficial, but has also been appreciated by the staff, which consists mostly of long-term employees. 

Since 2001 SCHULER-DENTAL is succesfully managed in its 2nd generation by Klaus Schuler.


The customer services receive traditionally utmost attention, in doing so it is always emphasised on fair dealing. SCHULER-DENTAL applies strict standards to all materials and raw materials it uses, and is constantly adapting to the latest technical level. 

Thus the wax production of SCHULER-DENTAL has become established due to new creations, further developments, continuous quality supervision and the most modern manufacturing methods and has flourished to a significant term in the dental sector. 

In addition to our extensive range of dental waxes for diverse applications, as well as our  range of materials, is a diversified programme of laboratory equipment and instruments still not only manufactured in house, but also invented and expanded. 

Flexibility towards special customer requirements, which are brought over to us due to geographical location and cultural circumstances, guarantees the adapting of our products on the increasingly globalised market. Sustainable production and measures are zeitgeistly paramount at SCHULER-DENTAL.