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  • S-U-DUO-BRENNER tilted position

    Bunsen burner with 2 pipes. Variable-speed for gas supply, 2 inclination steps, low flame. Either available for natural gas "N" or propane/butane gas "F".

    Technical Details:

    Height x width x depth:

    115 mm x 95 mm x 70 mm

    Heat output:

    approx. 650 W

    Connection pressure natural gas "N":

    20 mbar

    Connection pressure propane/butane gas "F":

    50 mbar

    Consumption natural gas "N": :

    58 l/h

    Consumption propane/butane gas "F":

    45 g/h

    Inclination steps:


    Angle of inclination when tilted:



    approx. 340 g


    Rubber blow-out-nozzles for each 6 mm or 9 mm compressed-air tube. Easy opening of the valve.


    Useful stencil for exact and rapid designing of individual situations, facilitating the communication between dentist and dental technician. In English.

  • S-U-PICUP dispenser for wax-beads

    Practical and nicely designed dispenser, especially for wax beads. It is directly screwed onto the wax beads’ container, thus the wax remains dust-free.